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Saturday, 24 May 2008

Hillsongs are coming!!! =) Its on the 27th of May....>.<
Next week is gonna be a busy busy week for me...Tuesday i got traning for the lesson with aunty irin and aunty beng choo...wednesday is HILLSONGS...wheeee~~~ ...thursday to saturday ia m going to PD for CAMP...yay...hahaha.. So there will be lots lots of update...
So see ya soon..Byebye...=)


writtenwithlove@ 18:44

Thursday, 22 May 2008

American Idol RESULTS was today...

David Archuleta vs David Cook....

American Idol 2008 is DAVID COOK...

The two Davids were really really good..but i was expecting David Archuleta to win..maybe its beause he was too young and stuff...hehe..but he still rocks...he is so cuteeeee...agree?..hehehe



writtenwithlove@ 20:38

No more EXAMS...Its FREEDOM...=]
So since its such a "happy" Day...i kinda SKIPPED school and went to One Utama with my mom and sisters...shhhh...went and eat japanese food for lunch..=) Then went to Toy R Us...Saw this really BIG pencil...>.<
After that we went to Today's Dental..my big sis went and do her bracess and the dentist say my teeth is healthy but my gums are not...so he did scalling and polishing for me...trust me the thing they use to polish ur teeth..TASTE AWFUL...=P
So called "Tool"...=]


writtenwithlove@ 11:36

Monday, 19 May 2008

Yesterday and today i went to one utama with my family..<3
Isnt Prince Caspian so freaking HOT...omgeeee...xD
Actually King Peter is kinda cute too...hahaha..xD

Then today i watched Ironman..its was nice too..people like me will prefer Narnia..people like my big sister will prefer Ironman...=)

Anyway..guess wat?..i brought CROCS...=D ..hehe.. its kinda nice on me..for people who doesnt know wat is crocs..is a very very very comfortable + expensive slippers/shoes..hehe..

Guess which colour is mine..the blue wan lor..=]..the pink one is my small sis..isnt it nice..fuyoh..BEAUTIFUL..hahaha..-perasan-

Then the white one is my daddy's one..>.<

After tomorow is the word starts from -F- and ends with -M- ....its FREEDOM babeh...haha...so see ya again...there will be ALOT ALOT to blog..so keep coming here..=D


writtenwithlove@ 21:16

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Yesterday morning i went to my grandma's house in Ipoh..its been long since i've been there so i had alot of fun..especially playing with the babies..there were two girl babies ang they are twins...they are SUPER cuteeeeee...
Then there was another 8 months old little girl...her hair makes her look so cute...she is really really cute and chubby...hehehhe...=)

Arent they cute...i love playing with them so much...>.<


writtenwithlove@ 16:14

i love sushi-i love sushi-i love sushi-i love sushi-i love sushi-i love sushi-i love sushi-i love sushi

Is your siliva drippin?...hahahaha...=)

writtenwithlove@ 15:22

Its Me

TeeTzeYu =)
big.bold.beautiful. hello there! I am also known as Apple Ding.
I simply love everything! Shopping is deffinitely my thing!
Camwhoring is the fun part of everything!
& finally..Talking is my hobby! =P
So i guess i am just just another ordinay girl.



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