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Friday, 30 January 2009

According to the chinese calender, today is my CHINESE birthday!
Yeap! So, today i went to my grandma house AGAIN! Was there frm tuesday to friday! It was nice being there everyday! Seeing my lovely grandma <33
Anyway, according to chinese tradition, if its someone's birthday, we are suppose to eat Red Boiled Egg & Noodless! =)) If you don know wat is it, i have pictures! ENJOY!! ^^

These lovely food is cooked by my AWESOME & LOVABLE grandma! Her cooking is double double thumbs up! ITS DE-LI-CIOUS!! hahaha..Thanks Grandma! Your the best among the best!!

Last but not least,

* YAY!! Goingg out tomorow! With who? You'll See! >.<

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writtenwithlove@ 20:21

Thursday, 29 January 2009

My so yesterday was great!
Yesyerday, my day started when my family met up with charis & family! So we went to Aunty Siew Fong's Ipoh White Coffee Kopitiam in Summit to have brunch? hahaha..Anyway, we had fun fun fun! Afetr eating & while the parents continue their chit-chat-ing..all of us went walk walk a while..But mostly all the store are close..Then, we went to this shop! Saw this SUPER nice dress! So went & try it lorr! xDThis is how the dress look like! nice eh?US! <33>

So in the end i bought it! hahaha..So after having a wonderful time with Charis & Caryn..We proceeded to out next stop! My Grandma'd house in Ipoh ( PS, Grandma = my mom's mom ) Anyway, its a place with many many cuteeee kiddos! But, but..some werent there! =(( But, theres this lil boy that is super handsome & cute! Meet Andre! =)This is him with his toy car! He calls it Subaru! teehee >.< & this is him with his BMW car! Isnt he just adorable?
He is pumping petrol into his car!

Took a couple of pictures with him too! <33

Ohh! He also showed me his car collection! Man, i tell u..He has lots of cars!

Theres actually alot more but i din take picturee! Sorry!

Ohh ohh! Did i mention that he has facebook? hahaah..Oh yeahh babe! He is seriously super duper CUTE!! The rest of day was great too! & that was my oh so great So Yesterday! =))

Last but not least,

teetzeyu is terribly missing..

* Going out on Saturday? Maybe~~ =X hahhahaha

** Cant wait for MARCH to come!

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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Yesterday night i went to my dad's friend's house, Uncle Philip house! His house was awesome! Super nice! So we went there bout 10 pm, then waited for some other of my dad's fren's to arrive..=) Me & my sisters were the only kids there! Others were like young audlts! But they were really really really FUN people..always had alot of fun playing games with them! hehe..So what did we play? First, we played Cranium! My team WON!!! Then we played Guesstures!! My team WON again!! =P
This is the game guesstures!

Stayed there until 1 somethin in the morning! xD i had such a greeat time yesterday night!! THANKS Uncle Philip!!

* Acap, ITS MINE!! MY BABY!! =]

** Josiah Lim! My twin brother!! Twins of feb & mar! =P

*** James, u made me super dissapointed!

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writtenwithlove@ 18:49

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Yesterday i went for the first chinese new year dinner with my falimy for the year! =)


Me & my cousin ; wen wen

Me & my other cousins! We are being gangster? or somethin lidat! xD

US again! But this time we are being "la-la"..

Oh oh! && My cousin, Alex is back!!



* I am going to CF camp && IMPACT camp!! AWESOME!!

** 3 JASMIN ROCKS!! <33

*** LI REN!! I know your secret!! hahahah!


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Friday, 02 January 2009

School is starting in 2 or 3 days?

I am so gonna miss 2 LILI! Gonna miss those good times in that super noisy & fun class..
What am I gonna miss?

Firstly, I am gonna miss Weng Soon!! My oppa & monitor!! As you know our sir name are both TEE!! Anyway, gonna miss beingyour assistant! Eventhough i do most of the work but we make a great team! Together, we can defeat Puan Kusala!! Right? & YES! I remember how she boss us around! Its ok! ITS OVER baybeh! hahahaha..We have so much together!! Example, we go & write the kehadiran slip together! & then take books together! oh oh, we doodle together too! hahahaha..wat else ar? OH!!Puan Norna is OURS!! hahaha..but She loves me more..=P &&&& MANY MANY MORE!! =P Really Gonna Miss Ya Oppa!! Thanks for the great year! =]

This is huixian & weng soon ; oppa

Secondly, I am gonna miss Puan Norna!! She is an AWESOME teacher! Back off Weng Soon, SHE's MINE!! =P Anyway, oh yes! Sheis a super good teacher! She teaches me Art & BM! She is super super cute & funny! But when she is angry..Oh dear, you donwanna mess with her..=X OH! Did i mention she is camera shy? hahahhahah..=P But 2L loves her the most! She is the best teacher we had! Agree 2L? xD

She & her "best friend" ...& our enemy! ( P/S i am talkin bout the ruler )

Next, I am gonna miss Huixian! Who is she? Oh she? hahahahah..She is my fren since primary! Std 4 i think! Yupp! You cansay that she is my good old friend! But we fight ALOT! hahaha..But we always get back together real quick! So,we are still good friends till now! She knows me really really well! =) We have been same class since standard 4 until form 2! But nextyear? Nopee =( ...But having her in the class is always FUN! >.<>

Huixian & I ...<333

& next next, If theres huixian, we cant miss Edward Seng! hahahhaha..This guy? Oh..he is 2L's trouble maker..Knew him sinceform 1..same class! Same as form 2! Andd,he changed ALOT compare to form 1~ HE is a better guy & a student! But still createstrouble! xD But he is ok la! He is fun & noisy! Keeps the class ALIVE! OH OH!! You should really really see Edward & Huixian FIGHT! (for fun) You can laugh till u have stomach pain..its entertainment for the class! Its super funny! Oh me & her! Together, we can kill EDWARD!! =X hahahahahahah..its crazieeee..

- Sorry! No picture of his idiotic face! xD -

We cant miss KURU & JOSIAH too!! Kuru? This guy? Freako? ahahhaa..not really la..he is cool! he is always the class troublemaker! Another one! Kinda like a clone of edward! But diff a lil bit..He is actually known as Tzeyu & I am known as Kuru! =PAnyway, he also keeps the class ALIVE! && He loves to sing and make beats! ITS ANNOYING! sometimes! xD But he is a nice guy!Gonna miss ya kuru! Next Josiah! hahahah this guy? Good looking & quite innocent! He is not the trouble maker but friends!!He and Kuru are like good buddy! =) The thing i like about him is his hair! Super nice! Andd Puan Julie always catch him forthat! xD hahaha..Oh oh!! I alomost miss out MENG ZHUNG!! =) hahhaha..YUP!! He is my GOOD brother! =) he is always there forme! Right? haahaha

from left - Meng Zhung Josiah Kuruberan Edward

Before teacher change our place, i was sitting next to Huixian and Kuru & Josiah behind us! And we makeLOADS of noise! Until teachers begin to complain! =X hahahha..We 4 are like super close! hahaha..=) Until teacher change our place! So in the end i sat with Josiah and in front of me was Weng Soon =! And next to me the other roll was Edward! =) Its a good thing! OH OH!! Josiah always bring waxto school! So i use them! hahaha..i know its weird but i like it! xD && i also love to play with his hair! So gonna miss that too! Me,Josiah & Weng Soon had a great time together! So teacher's idea if changing our seats to quite us din really work! =PTheres a thing call changing place? hahahah..Yupp! It was a great time of FUN!

And of course i am gonna miss ALL my friends from 2L!! Eventhough we're not goin to be in the same class, we still havememories of each other! =P

Oh & Weng Soon! YESS!! Hope that Puan Norna & Puan Genga comes to morning session, andd Puan Kusala & Puan Santhi DON!!!!Blekkkk!!

Our Memories!!


* I am soooooo hyper now! Thanks to Brandon & Carlos! Talk crap & laugh like crazy while chatting with them ! But i had a great time! =)

** Carlos, Glad to have you as a friend! =P Hope to see ya soon!

*** Brandon.Tut! Quite la you!! Bising la!! =P You watch out! Rubbish! xD

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Thursday, 01 January 2009

Yesterday was New Year's Eve! As usual, i celebrated it at church! && We did the christmasplay again! For the last time =) It was GREAT & AWESOME! Its a wonderful night! We had high praise too! oh oh, & of course the count down & the pop thingey! IT WAS A BLAST! After eveything, we had supper! hehe..& obviously i took PICTURES!! Not many though! xD But it wasa FUN FUN FUN night!

Pictures!! ^^

Me & Joy! * Her smile is always so bright! =)

Me & PIE!!
Me & Misha *sorry if i spell ur name wrongly! =P

Me & my gila gila stepbrother, Brian

Me Sapphira Jade *CHARIS, why u went back so early? =(

Me & my good old buddy that migrated to Aus, Joshua.T

Me & Brandon.Tut

Me & Nicholas aka Barney! * doesnt he look cute when he smile? =P

Me & Tubby! * our usual post! xD
Me & Brandon.Tut again..* Donno why he likes to do that face to me! ANNOYING! =P

Me & J.G aka Inspektor Gadget! =P COOL!

Me & Uncle Stephen! =D
Me & audrey! I havent seen this girl for a really long time after she left FGA USJ! Soooohappy to see her yesterday! =]

Me & Charlotte Ooi! =)

Me & Ji Ern * Proud to be short babybeh!!

Rachel Stephanie Me *smilee

Me & Jia Zhe * He is sooo cute & he is also our junior usher! =)

inez charlotte audrey me brandon. * Brandon sesat the only guy..=P

After everything was over, some of us still got the energy so we did MORE high praise! JUmping UP & DOWN! *on the stage!! hahaha..imagine that! =P We were totally crazyy!!

Me & brian was EXTRA crazy & hyper! We both "played" the piano FAKELY!! While Iain was singing! xD He took the key board & i took the piano! ahhahah...SO FUNNY MAN! gila gila~~
It was a great Thanksgiving night!

Oh Oh!! I made a song! =)
ahem ahem..
I am 14 going on 15,
Baby, its PMR,
I have to study,
Cannot party.....
(then i don know how to finish it..=P)
Joy! Your suppose to help me finish it..
* Brandon!! Its new year man! You still owe me ice-cream!! EXPENSIVE ice-cream!! And rmb our deal! =P
** Yes Joshua.T, I owe u ice-cream too! =]
*** Brian Seow, You still owe me, your adorable 3 year old sister ICE-CREAM CAKE!! xD
**** Nicholas, remember our deal & your promise ^^ !! Daryl, YOU TOO!! x)
***** HATTA!! TGI cookies & cream! We are suppose to share it..=)
****** Jade Darling, LOVE gossiping with you! >.<
Byebye =)

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TeeTzeYu =)
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I simply love everything! Shopping is deffinitely my thing!
Camwhoring is the fun part of everything!
& finally..Talking is my hobby! =P
So i guess i am just just another ordinay girl.



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