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Run Baby Run.

Don't ever look back.
Thursday, 05 November 2009

Though its abit too late to blog bout this,but i still want to blog bout it :)

Its bout the TERRY FOX RUN. Its a run for cancer research. So me & my 2 sisters went for this run. Can u beleive it? US RUNNING?

NAH.we dint run at all,maybe a lil la but we mostly walked.it was 3.5km and it took us bout an hour to finish it.

So all three of us went with out cousin.

My cousin,tzeyoung ko^2.
And he bought a friend,his primary classmate which the friend cant even remember him being in her class.haha xP

Meet Ai Mei,she is a super friendly person! :) i like her!

The back of the T-SHIRT that we're suppose to wear for the run.
i like the back more than the front! xP

And i brought my baby along with me,she needs some exercise too.

Reflection shot.

So when we reach,lots of people were there already!


So there was this small stage and people can actuall take pictures up there,so of course we went and take la.haha. pictures were all taken by a phtographer there with my baby! :)
A "we can do it" shot.

showing the back of our shirt,except Ai Mei cause she was wearing last year's terry fox shirt and the front was nicer! :)

the jump shot & my favourite shot! :)

Took more pictures!
me & tzeyoung ko^2.

tzeyoung ko^2 met his friend there :)

Before running/walking,we had some WARM UP exercise by people from celebraties fitness.
the team from celebraties fitness showing us the moves.
The crowd doing the exercise :)

After warming up & stuff,its time to RUN :)

this was took at the starting point :)

The crowd running. sorry its abit too dark.
they had directions for us so we wouldnt get lost! :) took this during the run.

Da Jie & Yunny.

ME :)

Me at the finishing line! :)

took a picture wth tzeyoung ko^2's relatives.

After the run,they had some traditional band performing onstage.

And they had dancing too :)

And we had to walk back to the car! :)

took this while walking back to the car. She is HEAVY,i tell you.

Took some random pictures of people! Just a few :)

It was indeed tiring.but it was a great experience & it was worth it :)
Tell me if you wanna join next year,ITS FUN. *grin*
* Crossing my fingers and hoping that i can go out this sunday! :) haha.


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